Textile Trio - Alexandre Bellenger, Aaron Moore, Arnaud Rivière - AAA

CD-R Intransitive Recordings février 2012

this one’s a scorcher ! alexandre bellenger and arnaud rivière (of french free-noise brutes bobby moo) joyously tear up turntables and jam chunks of metal junk into mixing desks, while trumpeter/percusser aaron moore (of volcano the bear) propels the raw electronic din with a backbone of hyperactive clatter.

aaa, the group’s second album (the first, for the boss, was published by beta-lactam ring in 2009) catches the group in a particularly feral mood. far from the polite group-improv snooze perpetrated by folks who hear an amm record and think “hm, yeah i can do that” (no you can’t), textile trio unleash their splatter with both the sensitivity of seasoned composer / improvisers and energetic punk abandon. textile trio‘s furious blur lives somewhere between the art / jazz tangle of un drame musical instantané, masayuki takayanagi‘s throat-throttling new directions unit, and the live vinyl-scramble of otomo yoshihide. full of life and humanity, aaa is delirious, dense, direct, and a pleasure to listen to.

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