Arnaud RIVIÈRE solo - AUDIOSCOOP (compilation)

2 x Vinyl, black + white vinyl Intro In Situ mars 2008

This double LP contains a selection of artists who were part of the Audioscoop events between 2005 and 2007 at Intro in Situ in Maastricht. Curated by Kim Laugs : SUDDEN INFANT, ANDREA NEUMANN, ASMUS TIETCHENS, AUBE, MSBR, STAPLERFAHRER, KAPOTTE MUZIEK, INCITE, FEEDBACKSOCIETY and many more...

A1 Andrea Neumann Fooer (2:56) A2 Asmus Tietchens Teilmenge 35 (3:40) A3 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Aprés Coup (From Frequency Conquistadors) (4:40) A4 Rinus van Alebeek Teisha In Dehli (2:40) A5 Aube 333 (3:33) B1 Paul Devens Withdrawal Of Audience (4:58) B2 Arnaud Rivière Strapontext_Ultrabold (1:13) B3 Mecha/Orga 3.59 (3:59) B4 Kapotte Muziek Maastricht (Edit) (4:58) B5 MSBR Soundcheck Audioscoop (0:47) B6 Thuth Ooh Wat Eine Breakfast I’m Gonna Give In Deines Tolles Kopf, Leppel (3:00) C1 Staplerfahrer Fes (2:42) C2 Incite/ Sparks (5:42) C3 Feedbacksociety Yves Remix (3:46) C4 Mecanorganic Miomechanoid (2:50) C5 Man Manly Maastrichtmash (5:31) D1 Noizebleed UR Burning People (MKII) (5:31) D2 Sudden Infant Extract Live Audioscoop (3:55) D3 Wilhelm von Trippenhofen Bonjour (1:16) D4 Ex.Zero Muscles Are Not Necessary (3:46)

Plus d'infos : Intro In Situ